Courtyard Landscape Design

Designing Your Courtyard Landscape

Courtyard landscaping and construction requires the collaboration of architects and landscape designers to create a space that enhances the surroundings and brings an a dry concrete area to life.

Courtyard landscapes is about taking a piece of land, whether big or small, and analyzing it to create a plan for beautification.  As landscape designers, we focus on increasing the functionality and usability for humans and wild life in a cost effective manner.

Eco Friendly Courtyard Landscaping

Courtyard landscaping design is all about planning. The base plan allows the designers and project owners to discover any problem areas, and to begin deciding on the design process.

Then the landscape spaces are visualized with conceptual plans. These plans are used to help visualize placement, topography and borders.

Great for Humans and the Environment

The balance is not always easy to achieve.  At Roma Landscape and Design, we take great care to balance the needs of the client with the possibilities of the space provided to effectively maximize the green benefit of the land.

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