Deer Tick Prevention – Deer Repellent

Are your bushes and flowers snacked down to the ground?

Have your new blooms you just planted been destroyed?

Is there visible damage to your tree bark?

Do you fear for your pets safety outdoors?

Are you concerned about deer ticks and disease?

While deer are beautiful to look at, the amount of damage they cause to plants as well as the risk of disease associated with them makes them undesirable within close proximity to our property.

Are you facing the deer issues mentioned?

It is upsetting to realize that the time and money you invested in making your property beautiful is wasted. We provide the best way to protect your investment from deer damage without ever hurting deer or pets.  The benefits are derived from organically deterring deer from the premises.

Our all-natural repellent programs range from 5-10 applications per year, depending on the severity of the deer problem in your yard. Generally, treatments are performed bi-monthly with an additional spring treatment to protect the new growth season.

Great For You, Safe For Deer

Our programs are customized to suite the needs of each client. All products used by Roma are organically formulated and contain NO chemicals.

We consider the safety of children, pets and even deer. The entire system is based on taste and smell deterrents and train deer to change their habits and find food elsewhere.

The secret to success comes from a time tested treatment program. We provide a variety of  repellents with each season to allows us to effectively repel through smell, taste, and inherent fear.

If you need help with your deer problem, contact Roma to help.

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